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Suffrajitsu Issue #2: Shoulder to Shoulder

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Shocking events propel the Amazons into a daring rescue mission against a sinister enemy, far from the familiar streets of London …

Issue #2 of the Suffrajitsu graphic novel trilogy is now available via comiXology: . We strongly recommend using the comiXology “Guided View” app for an intuitive, fluid reading experience.

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The Edwardian Foreworld adventure continues …

Suffrajitsu #1 launches today!

Sufffajitsu Book 1 cover largerBook 1 of the Suffrajitsu trilogy launches today via both and comiXology!

Set in London during early-mid 1914, the story follows the adventures of Miss Persephone Wright and her team of Amazons – the most radical of Edwardian England’s women’s rights activists – as they battle for the right to make their voices heard …


Suffrajitsu author Tony Wolf interviewed

When you have to choose between history and fiction – don’t.

Sparked by the true adventures of the Suffragette Amazons, Tony Wolf and João Vieira have teamed up to create a new kind of adventure story. Their graphic novel, Suffrajitsu, is the first in a series of three books as part of the Foreworld Saga. We caught up with Tony Wolf to learn more about this ambitious project, and what we have to look forward to with the release of the first installment.

Read M. Leigh Hood’s interview with Suffrajitsu author Tony Wolf courtesy of the Pandora Society.

F.A.Q. – is “Suffrajitsu” based on a true story?

Photo: F.A.Q. - Is "Suffrajitsu" based on a true story?

Circa 1913, the real-life "Amazons" were a secret society of women, trained in the martial arts, who protected the leaders of the radical women's rights movement. 

Most of the events of Book 1 of the "Suffrajitsu" trilogy are directly inspired by real history - including the infamous "Battle of Glasgow" - and most of the Amazons themselves are fictional representations of real women who lived during this tumultuous period. The events of Books 2 and 3, however, become increasingly more fantastical ...


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Meet the Amazons …

… the elite secret society of bodyguards sworn to protect the leaders of the radical women’s rights movement.


Persephone Wright

Athletic, charismatic and a brilliant tactician, 27 year old “Persi” is the field leader of the Amazon team.  In daily life, she teaches the martial art of Bartitsu at her uncle Edward’s gymnasium in Shaftesbury Avenue.

Persi’s hedonistic, free-thinking lifestyle sometimes clashes with her disciplined drive to protect others at all costs.


Flossie Le Mar

A rough-diamond adventuress from New Zealand, Flossie has a quick temper and a sarcastic wit.  She is, however, a passionate advocate of women’s rights, including the right of self-defence.


Toupie LowtherToupie

A skilled tennis player, singer, fencer and Bartitsu fighter, the aristocratic, cross-dressing lesbian Toupie Lowther is also one of England’s best “lady motorists”.  She serves as Mrs. Pankhurst’s chauffeur and getaway driver and is effectively the second-in-command of the Amazons.

Judith LeeJudith

Judith protests that she is not so much a detective as simply an inquisitive woman with some unusual talents; these happen to include martial arts training and lip-reading, which she employs in her daily work as a teacher of the deaf.  She is, however, “morally compelled” to investigate crimes and mysteries when they cross her path.

Miss SandersonMiss Sanderson

A silent woman of mystery – not even her Amazon teammates  know her first name.  Miss Sanderson is a mistress of the art of parasol fencing and is darkly rumoured to have worked as a “governess“.  She wears a tight-lipped, predatory grin in the heat of battle.

Katie “Sandwina” BrumbachMrs. Brumbach

At 6’2″ tall and 240 lbs., Mrs. Brumbach is a woman of notably feminine bearing when she’s not snapping iron chains and out-wrestling strongmen.  The only daughter of an Austrian circus family, she is fiercely loyal to her Amazon cohorts.

Kitty MarshallKitty

18 year old Kitty is the youngest member of the Amazon team.  She’s inclined to over-apologise and harbours a secret fear of ghosts, but she’s a quick-thinking and brave fighter for the cause of women’s freedom.

Kitty keeps her Amazon training and missions secret from her over-protective family.


“Suffrajitsu” graphic novel at the Emerald City Comicon

Tony Wolf’s forthcoming Suffrajitsu  graphic novel trilogy – an alternate history adventure story in which Bartitsu plays a major part – was discussed by Foreworld principals Neal Stephenson and Mark Teppo during two panel discussions at the recent Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA.

The Suffrajitsu trilogy, featuring the adventures of Miss Persephone Wright and her team of martial arts-trained suffragette bodyguards, will be released later this year, marking the centennial anniversary of the most radical English suffragette activity.