From January 2015

Suffrajitsu #1 launches today!

Sufffajitsu Book 1 cover largerBook 1 of the Suffrajitsu trilogy launches today via both and comiXology!

Set in London during early-mid 1914, the story follows the adventures of Miss Persephone Wright and her team of Amazons – the most radical of Edwardian England’s women’s rights activists – as they battle for the right to make their voices heard …


Suffrajitsu author Tony Wolf interviewed

When you have to choose between history and fiction – don’t.

Sparked by the true adventures of the Suffragette Amazons, Tony Wolf and João Vieira have teamed up to create a new kind of adventure story. Their graphic novel, Suffrajitsu, is the first in a series of three books as part of the Foreworld Saga. We caught up with Tony Wolf to learn more about this ambitious project, and what we have to look forward to with the release of the first installment.

Read M. Leigh Hood’s interview with Suffrajitsu author Tony Wolf courtesy of the Pandora Society.