Your chance to write Suffrajitsu stories …

Suffrajitsu Stories on Kindle Worlds

This is your invitation to create (and profit from) 10,000 + word prose stories set in the world of Suffrajitsu!

Based on Tony Wolf’s graphic novel trilogy, Suffrajitsu Stories on Kindle Worlds relate the further adventures of the Amazons; a secret society of women  who serve as bodyguards and field agents for the most radical branch of the women’s rights movement.

Contributing writers will be given a detailed, illustrated series guide and active creative/editorial feedback via the private Suffrajitsu forum, as well as marketing support.

The stories will be published via Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, an innovative licensing and publishing platform that allows authors to legally produce (and profit from) stories set in various established fictional universes:

The current Suffrajitsu stories available on Kindle Worlds include:

The Pale Blue Ribbon, by John Longenbaugh
The Isle of Dogs, by Michael Lussier
Carried Away, by Ray Dean
The Second-Story Girl, by Mark Lingane

Interested writers should contact us via including a link to at least one writing sample.

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